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Die Übersetzer des kleinen Wolfs

(in alfabetischer Reihenfolge)


Hans Huyssen, Stellenbosch, South Africa


I have worked as a baroque cellist, composer and conductor in South Africa and Germany. I'm the co-founder and musical director of the ensemble Così facciamo in Munich and the Cape Consort in Cape Town. In South Africa I'm strongly committed to a comprehensively informed performance practice of early music - including historical forms of native African music on traditional instruments. In order to promote an intercultural musical dialogue I run the CD label mucavi records. I graduated with an interdisciplinary thesis on complexity and music and teaches music history at the University of Cape Town.

Anglo-Saxon (Old English)

Adam A Brunn, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Great Britain


I was born in 1989 in Birmingham, England and studied my bachelor degree in Classical Civilization and Literature with Philosophy at the University of Birmingham before moving Northwards. I am deeply interested in ancient languages and linguistics, with seven years experience of Classical Latin and two in Anglo-Saxon. I am currently translating various works into Anglo-Saxon with the intention of making the language more accessible. I enjoy travel, reading, playing music and graphic design in my spare time.


Abdelaaziz Boussayer, Tinghir, Maroc


Tata Mkrtchyan, Berlin, Germany


Hey, I'm Tata. I'm from Armenia, but I live in Berlin now. I'm artist/graphic designer with a huge interest in music and movies. Beside all that which is a big part of my life I like to watch how the nature moves and visually collect the colours and forms. Enjoy the book and never forget about your inner child.

Bariba / Baatonum

Saka Mora, Bayreuth, Germany


Cristina Miguel Narro, Bilbao, Spain


Hi everyone!! I'm Cristina, a 27 year-old girl from Bilbao, Basque Country. I've always enjoyed studying different languages and learning from different cultures. Probably, these are the most important reasons why I decided to start travelling some years ago and I haven't stopped yet. Nowadays I live in Valparaíso, Chile. I've been living here for three years. I have many hobbies such as reading, writing, cooking... but one of my passions is taking care of the environment and preserve nature. However, I studied Civil Engineering, so the next thing I would like to do is continue my studies to specialize myself in the environmental area. In the meanwhile, I'll try to learn at least a bit of German, because who knows what will be the next translation??


Elisabeth Winterholler, Gmund, Germany


Born in 1976, I grew up on a small farm in Upper Bavaria. I have been working in the banking administration but am currently on the lookout for other professional venues that would fit my creative talents.
Cats have always been my great love. Another passion of mine is photographing and creating postcards and photobooks. Moreover I like soccer, musicals and good cabaret, and I like travelling (favorite countries: New Zealand and Canada). Nontheless, I'm still a Bavarian with heart and soul. Being in the open countryside gives me fresh energy. Preserving the environment and the Bavarian dialect is a matter close to my heart. I like writing poems - preferably, of course, in Bavarian!

Bengali, Bangla

Mohammad Abutaher, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Jan Holec, Chrudim, Czechia


I live in the middle of Czech Republic in Chrudim, where I was born. I am working as a project manager in a small family company of about 60 persons which produces elevators and all sorts of things that move vertically. My hobbies are sports in the mountains, especially classic rock climbing and traditional skitouring and skialpinism.


Michael Schultz, Lübeck, Germany


Jonathan van den Berg, Santiago, Chile


Both of my parents are Dutch and I was born in Rotterdam. I studied Mechanical Engineering at Delft University of Technology and performed my graduation project in Offshore Engineering from Bilbao in The Basque Country. In Bilbao I got to know Paul, the brain of the project. After graduation, I continued for another year in Spain. The subsequent year I studied at a bible school in Pichilemu, Chile. Next, I went back for two years to the Netherlands where I worked for an international shipyard. Finally, God determined my final destiny in Chile. From now (november 1st, 2015) it is only 6 weeks until getting married with Isadora my Chilean girlfriend.
Of course, I wanted to support the Little Wolf project by translating the book into Dutch, a language spoken by over 16 million people. Maybe one day one of my future children can read the Spanish-Dutch version of the Little Wolf.


Pete Savill, Lübeck, Germany


François Lo Jacomo, Paris, France


Of French nationality and having always lived in Paris, I learned Esperanto at age 16 and it has changed my life profoundly: the majority of travels I have done to this date have been related to Esperanto, and Esperanto has incited me to study linguistics, which I pursued up to doctoral level. It is through Esperanto that I met the mother of my children (my children are polyglots: French, English, Croatian, Esperanto, Dutch, my daughter: Spanish), and also how I met my current partner. Professionally, I became a teacher in mathematics again in 2013 after a long break during which I worked on data processing, and I have a particular interest in the Maths Olympiads, a competition for high school students, with the association Animath. It is through the president of Animath that I met Ulrich and his project, and immediately accepted to take part.


Liisi Mägi, Leipzig, Germany



Virpi Hach, Lübeck, Germany


Céleste Lottigier, Toulouse, France


I was born in Paris and grew up between Bonn (Germany) and Toulouse (France). In secondary school I chose the bilingual route to obtain the french Baccalaureat as well as the german Abitur ("Abibac"). I am currently studying biology and earth and life sciences in Toulouse, alongside I play music, sing, paint, and am busy with creative activities. I also like to travel in the near and the far, and discover natural and wild places by foot, bike or any other means of transport!

Fula (Fulfulde, Peul)

Jean Pierre Boutché (M.A.), Maroua, Kamerun


I'm an assistant lecturer of German and African Linguistics at the University of Maroua (Cameroon). Since October 2012 I am pursuing doctoral studies in Germany at the Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies (BIGSAS) where I am conducting a PhD research on the sociolinguistic variation of Fulfulde in Northern Cameroon. I am particularly interested in Second Language Acquisition/Teaching, Contrastive Analysis, Sociolinguistics and literature in African languages. I'm married and have got three children.


Veronika Esswein-Tchankvetadze, Neuss, Germany


I was born in Tiflis, Georgia. After finishing my studies in Economics in my native town, I obtained a degree in Sciences of Arts at the Technical University of Berlin. I'm now living with my family in Neuss, Germany, and I've just started my own artist booking agency, livando


Evangelos Papantoniou , Lübeck, Germany


Ich wurde im November 1980 in Piräus, Griechenland, geboren. Meine Kindheit habe ich in Athen verbracht, die Sommer auf der Insel Kreta. Im November 2007 zog ich aus beruflichen Grunden nach Lübeck, Deutschland. Ich bin verheiratet und habe zwei Kinder.


Dr. Michael Broß, Bayreuth, Germany


Born in Lüdenscheid, Germany, I studied African and German linguistics and phonetics at Marburg University. After completing my master's degree, I worked for quite a long time in a collaborative joint research project of the Universities of Frankfurt and Maiduguri. Thus, I undertook extensive field research trips to Northern Nigeria to collect linguistic data for my PhD thesis on Hausa dialects. Becoming more and more fascinated by the richness of the Hausa language and the culture of the Hausa people I spent about five years in the country. Since 2012, I am working as Hausa lecturer at University of Bayreuth. Whenever time allows, I travel, preferably to Africa or to the sea. I like playing cards, cooking dishes from all over the world for my wife and my friends, or support my favorite football club Borussia Dortmund.


Elinor Tzvi-Minker, Lübeck, Germany, and Yoav Benno Schanan, Berlin, Germany


Ankush Gupta, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India


Zsuzsa Bereznai, Lübeck, Germany


I was born as the third of four children in Budapest, Hungary. In 1979 my family emigrated to Germany for political reasons. After finishing school in Northern Bavaria I started my education in vocal studies at the University of Music in Freiburg, Germany, and graduated with honors. I am currently a freelance singer and singing teacher in Lübeck, in the northern part of Germany.


Elisa Bienzle, Stuttgart, Germany


On the photo you can see Elding and me. I was born in 1981, in Stuttgart, Germany. After secondary school I followed my passion and moved to Iceland for training Icelandic horses in their home country. Alongside I studied agriculture. I am interested in sustainable lifestyle and in realizing art-projects. Today I live again in my hometown, Stuttgart.


Dewi Putri Wardjiman, Lübeck, Germany


Margherita Haase, Lübeck, Germany

I'm a housewife who loves to invent stories for my grand-children.


Mari Freise-Sato, Braunschweig, Germany


Jiyoung Hong, Anseongsi, South Korea


Participating in this project was full of fun and an exciting experience for me. By sharing a story with people all around the world, I can realize where I live, where I am. It's the Earth.

I'm currently living in South Korea. Right now I'm spending my holiday in a Buddhist temple in the woods. It's like food for my soul, getting some spiritual energy and recovering my internal composure. I have a job for a living and another 'secret' job which is to lead and meditate with people who are new to it. Doing it together is easier than doing it alone.

Kurdish (Sorani)

Banaz Salih, Lübeck, Germany


Palle Rolfs, Lübeck, Germany


I was born in 1986 in Göttingen, Germany, and grew up in the north of Germany. After my "Abitur" (the german A levels) I attended a Kung Fu school in China, then began my studies of Latin and Politics in my native town, Göttingen. After graduation I did some extensive travelling in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I am now working as a Latin and Politics teacher in Itzehoe, Germany. In my spare time I'm a martial arts enthusiast, like to play music, and have a high affinity for Tabletop games.


Līga Hirta, Leipzig, Germany


I was born in 1977 in Riga, Latvia. After studying management at the University of Latvia I spent a year in Paris to obtain a degree in International tourism politics and economics. I then returned to Latvia to give my best to promote my country (worked in the Latvian Tourism Development Agency). 2003 I met my German husband, and so I'm now living in Leipzig, Germany. We have 2 children and we are speaking two languages in our family (Latvian and German). It was always very important for me to keep my Latvian identity, therefore I play our national music instrument Kokle, organise traditional Latvian events and teach Latvian traditional dances. It's very exciting to me to discover other cultures, other traditions, to meet other people and to stay in a contact with nature.


Maurice P. Heinz, Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Dres. Sanil and Sunitha John, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India


Both of us are medical doctors working in Christian Medical College, Vellore. We have three children: Joel, Joyce and Mariam.


Harish Shankar, Manchester, UK


I come from Malaysia but would call myself a nomad at heart. My biggest passions are for Languages and Music and I am the current ‚Junior Fellow of Conducting' at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester. In my free time I like to improvise in the kitchen.


Nava Raj Dahal, Kathmandu, Nepal


I have a MBA degree and I am now working in the field of tourism and hospitality, as Managing Director of the company Nepal Environmental Treks & Expedition. My hobbies are travelling, reading, politics, etc.


David Immanuel Glathe, Oslo, Norway


Dr. Ajmal Khan Arifi, Lübeck, Germany

Persian, Farsi

Jahan Mortezai and Dr. Ajmal Khan Arifi, Lübeck, Germany


Jolanta Zak, London, Great Britain


Maria Rosa Kretschel, Neuss, Germany


I was born in Porto, Portugal. I took a degree in Modern Literatures and Languages, English and German studies, specialisation in Translation, in my native town. I now live in Neuss, Germany, with my husband Axel and my sons Tobias (17) and Lucas (14). I work as a freelance translator and interpreter.


Stefan Gitman, Prague, Czech Republic


I was born in Bucharest, Romania, and have since lived in The Netherlands, in the USA and in the Czech Republic, where I visited only German schools. I am now studying Economics at University College London. In my free time I enjoy playing tennis and volleyball with my friends.


Svetlana and Yevhen Hordiyenko, Herbolzheim, Germany


Goran Milovanović, Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenia


Marta Kugel, Stove, Germany


Jana Milovanović, Kostanjevica na Krki, Slovenia


Beauty Majafe, South Africa


Anneli Landmesser, Göttingen, Germany


George Aclay Makasi, Morogoro, Tanzania


Katrin Bienzle Arruda, Stockholm, Sweden


Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Kovardan, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India


My native city is Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Now I am working as a Senior Programmer in the Department of Neurological Sciences, Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. My Husband (Mr. Kovardan) is Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and working in Christian Medical College, Vellore as an Engineer. I have two kids: our son Nithiin, and our daughter Keshika.


Dr. G. Edmond Jonathan, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India


Selam Zekarias, Stuttgart, Germany


I was born and raised in Germany after my parents came from Eritrea. In the age of 12 I started studying the Ge'ez alphabet in special classes on Saturdays. Today I'm a 22 years old Childhood Education student in the small town of Schwäbisch Gmünd. I live in Stuttgart with my parents and siblings, and I love travelling, cooking and baking.


Şerife Aydoğmuş, Lübeck, Germany


Svetlana Hordiyenko, Herbolzheim, Germany


Dat Nguyen, Kiel, Germany

Born 1956 in Vietnam, I moved to Taiwan in 1974 and from Taiwan to Germany in 1976. Since then I'm living and working in Kiel as a doctor.


Beauty Majafe, South Africa


Aaron Naor and Chaim Kornblum, Herne/Lübeck, Germany


Beauty Majafe, South Africa



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